Little Avocado Photography

What To Wear

Of course the selection of clothing is always up to you! However, I have found that solid colors and small patterns let a child’s face remain the focus of the photo. Even a small logo can jump out in a photograph pulling attention away from your child’s face. It's best to have things that are simple and don’t distract from your child’s charm. Denim photographs beautifully. For shoes, often bare feet make the best footwear. When having portraits taken of your baby, try to dress him or her in something non-binding to make changing easy. This also makes for unblemished skin if your child is photographed ‘au naturale’. For family photos, coordinating solids are best. Make sure everyone wears either all dark pants or all light pants. Feel free to bring two or three outfits to change into. If you have more questions I will be happy to help.